Emoeski + Jap

A place to come and talk about any and everything!  No judgement! With your hosts Jap and Emoeski, where they always asks, "Got something on your mind?" SPEAK ON IT!



Born and raised in the South Suburbs of Chicago, "E" was destined to do great things. Coming from a humble background of entrepreneurs and musicians, Emmanuel found his hands in many different avenues. Having self taught himself the drums and piano, Emmanuel took his passion and made magic! Already having a talent for writing, E became a published author at the age of 18. Emmanuel's charismatic personality and willing to learn attitude, caught the eye of Pam Greer who pulled on not only his interpersonal skills as her assistant, but she taught him the ropes of working a camera and editing audio/video. He went on to record music under the covering of Severe Side (Double S), solo under Emoeski, and with the group NATUREAL. Still striving to be great, Emmanuel took his talents and hustle mentality into the hair industry, where he became a licensed barber with his focus on becoming a shop owner. Through everything, Emmanuel's main goal in life is to help pave a bright future for his own kids as well the generation to follow. 




From a little town in Indiana called East Chicago, Jap started in the sandbox and worked his way to gangbanging and music. By the age of 25, he participated in the production of 5 albums and co-produced 2 of them. He also worked with a few R&B artists. After about 10yrs of barbering and countless other side jobs, employment and training specialists became his base profession. His main goal in life is to show people that thinking true organic thoughts and positive energy is the path to inner peace. He believes conforming to the prescribed way of life is not the way to live

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