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Let Minister Binkey give you some hard truths & a compassionate ear so that we all can reform our Fuk Ways! Bcuz guess too just might be...A FukBoi.




Binkey can do it all. He sings, writes and recites poetry, freestyles, writes plays and skits, acts and host  open mic sets all over the world. Binkey is an excellent writer and his comedic timing cannot be matched. He can host anything from poetry sets to barmitzfas (and he has too!!) 


Binkey accents his poetry with captivating lyrics and soul-filled melodies. His passion for performance and seemingly endless energy are fueled through his love for teaching, learning, mentoring and entertaining.


Some of the accomplishments that Binkey has been awarded include:  MGD Freestyle Champion, BET New Face Finalist, Jokes and Notes Stand-up Winner, Mixtape Mondays Rap Battle Champion, Creator of Just-Us Improv, Featured performer at Second City, Lead vocalists for bands Deep Fayed & Fly By Pants, Actor in numerous plays at Chicago Theatre, DuSable Museum & Gate Theatre  in ChiangMai, Thailand, winner at Showtime at the Apollo Theater in New York. 


Binkey is now back from 4yrs in SE Asia where he has created a community of artist who come to share their gifts with the world at Healing House every Friday.  He’s decided to come back to the states to give back some of the love he’s been given! 


This is only the beginning for him.

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