Tha Low is a thirty minute music variety show with the hottest artists, music and interviews. Tha Low is the brainchild of Pam 'Kofee' Greer, it was developed in 2004  to bridge the gap between commercial and underground artists.  Tha Low with Pam G will definitely keep you entertained with her charming personality and awkward sense of humor!

Pam G

'KOFEE' Greer


Pam Greer, Pam G, Kofee, Hoodma was born and raised on Chicago's southside, around the Jeffery Manor area. Raised in a modest apartment complex with both parents, Pam G  develop and interest in music at an early age by singing in the choir at Porters Chapel in Vicksburg, Mississippi. It wasnt until Pam G attended Thornton Township High School she found her niche after enrolling in Radio/TV class, where she worked on the Coach Mosel Show. After graduation, Pam G attend Western Michigan University(WMU), where she polished her craft at 89.1 WIDR. It was at WMU she met her mentor J.Reed, he was developing a show entitled The After Party(TAP) and ask Pam G to join him. Under J.Reed guidance, she interview the likes of Outkast, Alicia Keys, and Kid Capri to name a few. After returning to Chicago,Pam G took what she learned and created Tha Low Tv. The Truth Award nominee, Tha Low, a 30 minute video show with interviews and give-a-ways. Some interviews included Rick Ross, Senator Napolean Harris, DeWayne Wade of the Miami Heat to R&B crooner Avant and the list goes on. In 2005, Pam G graduated from Illinois Center for Broadcasting(ICB), now know as Illinois Media Center, earning the "Outstanding Broadcast Student Award" and  "On-Air Talent,College Radio Station Award" with a GPA of 3.6.  In 2011, Tha Low took a haitus due to health issues. Now back for the RONA 20 , Pam G is looking to re establish her domaince on the waves!